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Last updated:Mar 27, 2016 16:45 PM mainly offers you thousands of fabulous dresses, and almost of them can be customized as your personal measurement, and even your special changes from that gown.

So, we create our order status system to let you catch what your order goes on, and have the best online shopping experience.

After you registered, in your account system, you may find "Track my order" column for listing all your order information.

By Clicking "All", you may find out SEVEN status of your order you may follow up. Within this, for each status will send a status changing notification to your registering E mail, so please do add [email protected]  to your mail account.

For the details of each status:

By clicking the Unpaid link, you may make the selection of all the orders you have not paid yet. You can easily go through the safe payment to process your payment.

By clicking the Pending link, you may find out all the orders you have paid, but waiting for bybridal financial department make the confirmation, and the production department to make the producing order.

Once you found out your order status has been changed to Processing which means your order has been passed to one of our production lines to start tailoring. All the measurement and color information has been processed and not changeable.

The tracking number will be available after the order status changed to In Transit. And your order is shipped out. You may go to the website of that chosen express company as EMS, UPS or others to track your orders.

Some of the company plays so-called "Escrow Game" which means after you received that products you orders, and which just looks like what you ordered, the game is over. Being a professional Dress company, we extend the order finished line till after you tired that dresses on. Trying On stands that you may try your dresses on and sees if they match your buddy and style, if anything was wrong, you may follow our Return and Exchange Policy to make the minimum profit lost. 

We are hoping every customer may be satisfied with our products quality and services. We are expecting your next time visiting and order placing.

You can also check the cancelled orders by clicking Cancelled link. If you would like to recover the order, please feel free to contact us.

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