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Last Modified Jun 11, 2018 By Donna

Dress was finished and shipped to me well within in the time noted on this site -- only 15 business days from date of order to delivery!  The color (Ash Grey)  is a bit lighter than what is shown in the color chart -- but it is beautiful.  (It is also understandable that the color of the actual fabric and a picture of a color swatch shown on lilne would be slightly different.   I mention it only so others ordering are aware.)  The dress really is gorgeous and flattering. Though you can't tell from the pictures or descriptions, this is in two pieces.  The underdress is strapless and zips up the back -- fabric is gorgeous.  The top is a separate piece and also zips up the back.   I am a plus size person -- so I don't get as much of a loose/draped look  as the stick figure model in the picture -- but it still looks nice.   I do wish the sleeves were a bit roomier.  I used the sizing chart and the fit is spot on based on that chart.  (Like most wedding attire, you'll need to size up at least 2 sizes from a normal dress size.  I actually went up 3 sizes to allow room for alterations if needed.) In all, the purchasing experience was fantastic.  I must say, this dress is much better quality than I expected when ordering sight unseen on line.  I would definitely order from Bybridal again, without hesitation. 

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